What is WordPress Theme Framework

Create Multiple Themes Based On Your Theme Framework

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A WordPress Theme Framework is a base Theme that contains either a stand-alone Theme or a “drop-in” library that is used as a foundation in developing a WordPress theme design. A ”drop-in’ code library framework cannot be used as a stand-alone Theme but included with the Theme, and “bootstrapped” to the Theme in the Theme’s function.php file.

Alternatively, a stand-alone base Theme is a Parent Theme template designed as a flexible foundation for quicker development of a Child Theme. The Child Theme then inherits the functionality of the Parent Theme. Child Theme is a way of making modifications to the Theme without altering the structure of the Framework. A Child Theme can have as little as a style.css file in it or as many files as a regular Theme depending on the developer. Today, there are webmaster software tools that you can use to design a child theme in a what-you-see-is-what you-get manner.

It is much easier to work with a Parent-Child  Theme relationship because you can design multiple Themes easily based on the Parent Theme framework. If anything goes wrong with the new Child Theme design, the Parent Theme can stand alone without suffering any issues.

An upgrade of the Parent Theme can easily be accomplished without destroying the Child Theme. Depending on the flexibility of the Parent Theme framework, any types of website can easily be built on top of it such as newspapers, blogs, vlog, corporate websites, portfolio, squeeze pages, photo albums and many more.

There are a lot of free but flexible WordPress Theme design Frameworks available on the web. Just type the words “free Framework WordPress Themes” on your Google search box and you will find lots of it. There are also webmaster software tools that can build wordpress themes easily.

To determine whether a Theme you downloaded is a Child Theme or a Parent Theme, open the style.css file in the folder and look for the code on top that cantains the following:
Theme Name. Child theme name.
Theme URI. Child theme webpage.
Description. What this theme is.
Author URI. Author webpage.
Author.  Author name.
Template. directory name of parent theme, case-sensitive.

From the above data, it can be seen that a Child Theme contains information about its parent theme that is “Template. directory name of parent theme, case-sensitive”.


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