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Avoid Using Backlink Tool to Link Bomb Blog Sites

With today’s new Google’s Penguin update, link schemes are the target of the new algorithm. This includes spamdexing and link bombing. To keep in phase with Google’s ever changing algorithm, here are some tips to stay away from link schemes that are considered against Google’s webmaster’s guidelines:

  1. Avoid duplicate links that use exact match keyword resulting in an unnatural links. Most SEO services offer backlinks from High PR sites that use Anchor Texts. These are duplicate contents and posts on different irrelevant sites claiming that the links are from high PR sites. A newly created post from a high PR sites has no ranking yet because Google rate PR according to webpage and not by domain. So do not be eluded by this kind of service.
  2. Avoid using link building software to spam hundreds or thousands of blogs. Link building via spamming are considered bad links. Try to remove all bad links if you have. If you have lots of bad links, you can use Google’s webmaster tool to disavow those bad links.
  3. Avoid linking to article marketing sites especially in large volumes. Article marketing sites are perceived as unnatural links. In a way they are directly or indirectly considered as paid links.
  4. Avoid building links too quickly. Most SEO services do not have control over the link building frequency. This is because they just use link bombing software tools that blast thousands of irrelevant links.
  5. Never link to sites that are considered dangerous. Dangerous sites are infected with malicious code.

Instead you can use the following strategies to further increase PR despite of the Penguin update:

  1. Use lots of anchor texts but they should be relevant. Off page anchor text links should comprise your main anchor texts and your other relevant anchor texts. You can use webmaster software tools to research on other relevant keywords.
  2. Link to relevant and authoritative high PR sites in your niche. Linking to good sites will put more weight and you will be rewarded by doing so.
  3. Link to social networking and bookmarking sites. Although most of them are no-follow sites, your main site can be associated with them. Try to socialize with other members to build trust and traffic.
  4. Use images in your site and use synonyms of your keywords in the alt tag. Do not over optimize your keywords and reduce keyword density.

Use webmaster software tools in your SEO for research, analysis, link building, and tutorials and not for link spamming. If you have a powerful backlink tool at hand that is capable of link bombing, you might just use this tool to search for relevant links and not to spam sites.

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