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          The new Facebook fanpage timeline design no longer support the review tab app. Changing the default landing page is no longer supported as well. The default landing page cannot be changed or directed to an app or tab. It is always directed to your wall profile. The best thing to do is link people directly to a particular view or app on your page. Find the link URL for a view or app on your Page in the web address bar of your browser when you visit that view or app. Use the sharing tool at the top of your Page’s timeline to create a post that links people to your app, and draw attention to the post by pinning it to the top of your Page. It is also recommended to add an icon to your custom app so that people will notice it under your Page’s cover.

          Also, instead of creating a review tab, you can invite people from the Build Audience tab. You can also place social plugins in your web site such as recommendations and help box to grow your fanpage fans. Documentation on social plugins can be found in this link:

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