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Purchasing domain names are not that expensive today and there are many companies that can register the name for you, provided it is available and has not already been used by another company.Using one of your keywords in your domain name can increase your score on some search engines. For example, could be more [...]

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What is WordPress Theme Framework

Create Multiple Themes Based On Your Theme Framework           A WordPress Theme Framework is a base Theme that contains either a stand-alone Theme or a “drop-in” library that is used as a foundation in developing a WordPress theme design. A ”drop-in’ code library framework cannot be used as a stand-alone Theme but included with the Theme, [...]

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Optimization Tips For New PHP Website

Brainstorming A PHP Site Although no search engine optimization company can guarantee high rankings for your site permanently, specifying the SEO basic requirements before designing a website especially if it is written in PHP will save you a lot of problems later on. You can also research on webmaster software tools to find out the best optimization [...]

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Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO

            SEO techniques can be classified into two broad categories: techniques that search engines recommend as part of good design, that is White SEO, and those techniques of which search engines do not approve, that is black SEO. Some call it a question of ethics; others just call it business. The discussion is raging online and [...]

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Good Web Design Practices

            Your website is where your business resides — it’s like the headquarter of an offline company. Hence, it is important to practice good design principles to make sure your site reaches out to the maximum number of visitors and sells to as many people as possible. You can also use webmaster software tools to optimize [...]